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Good thoughts


Jessica at the Budget Savvy Bride has been one of my favourite wedding bloggers since I first discovered the bridal blogging niche. Her neighbourhood was hit by a tornado on Friday. She and her family are thankfully safe, but the devastation in their town is quite extensive. Please keep Jess, her family and her neighbourhood […]

A reminder


Which is why I am urging happy, loving couples everywhere not to be afraid. Follow your heart. Be radical. Do it your own way. Throw convention to the wind. Who cares what the neighbours say? You, too, can get married. Just don’t be ridiculous about it. From Leah McLaren’s “It’s not marriage I hate, just […]



Just wanted to post a quick shoutout to all the current and especially, the former WeddingBee readers who might be stopping by today. When I first read Bee’s post about the sale to eHarmony, I was so excited for her! She’s built an amazing resource and deserves fair compensation for it, as well as some […]

Big Love


Sarah Hampson is a writer for the Globe and Mail, and usually writes pretty bitter articles about marriage and relationships. That’s why her column today was such a delight to read – today, she wrote about big love, real, deep love, and reminded us all that though many marriages may end in divorce, as many […]