Flower power


We’ve known from the beginning that we don’t want a lot of flowers at our wedding. I have mild pollen allergies, but we also just don’t see the point in spending hundreds on flowers for one day. I do want a bouquet, though, and boutennieres and corsages for our closest loved ones.

Though I won a gift certificate to a local florist at the Wedding Fair in January, we’ve chosen not to go with them. I can use the gift certificate on a plant or something for our apartment, and I just didn’t get a good vibe from the store’s owner when I was there recently. We got talking about our vendors and budget, and he outright told me that I “couldn’t possibly” find a vendor I have yet to hire for the budget I have set, which would be rude enough if it wasn’t also inaccurate!

This weekend, I met up with K, part of my bridal posse, so we could share a shopping trip to check out florists and dresses. We wandered around a few shops, and after getting quotes at a couple of places, I stumbled across a small shop in the Granville Island Public Market.

The V&J Plant Shop has a remarkable selection, and their working area is tucked in among the buckets and buckets of flowers. They were the most welcoming, friendly and honest of all the florists I visited, as well as being patient with my laundry list of questions. In a month or two, I’ll head down to the Market to visit them and start planning out our flowers. We’ll make an “A” and “B” list of flowers, so that there is some flexibility depending on what is in season, looking good, and affordable around our wedding.


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