A little bit of history


I got confirmation from the coordinator at our ceremony site today, so I can finally reveal where we’ll be saying our vows!

After we booked the Sequoia Grill, we were hoping to have our ceremony there too. There is a great public greenspace right outside the restaurant, but the City won’t allow tents or chairs there, and the weather in October is just too unpredictable to forego a tent! We couldn’t figure out a way to make the ceremony work indoors, so my Google-fu and other research skills got another chance to shine.

We needed room for about 75 people, indoors, and not at a church. Pretty simple, right? Once again, our simple requirements turned out to be exceedingly difficult to fulfill! The Celebration Pavilion was an early contender, until we found out that their prices had jumped drastically. We looked at hotels, theatres, community centres, art galleries, lounges, and heritage buildings. I emailed and phoned and Googled my little heart out. I asked everyone I knew for their suggestions.

Somehow, I came across the facilities rental page on the Vancouver Museum website. I got in touch with their rental coordinator, and we emailed back and forth all through February. After arranging a site visit, Adam and I knew we’d found a winner!

We’ll be having our ceremony in the Joyce Wally Learning Centre, a large room in the Museum, with 13ft windows looking out at a park, False Creek, Stanley Park, and the North Shore mountains. You can actually almost see our reception venue across the water, even! We’ll say our vows in front of the windows, with the view and the fall foliage behind us.

It’s going to be comfortable and casual, and the view will showcase some of the best of Vancouver in the fall. I’m so excited to have this confirmed!


2 Responses to “A little bit of history”

  1. 1 Diana

    I just took the virtual tour of the Joyce Wally Learning Centre … gorgeous view! Nice score!

  2. 2 Marianne

    Isn’t it gorgeous? I think it will be great with the fall foliage outside!

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