How we chose our venue, part 2


Over the long course of our venue hunt, we had a lot of letdowns. Luckily, they were balanced by a few venues that were so ludicrously out of our budget range, that I couldn’t help but laugh.

Each of these would be a fantastic venue for someone else – either someone with more money, more time, more resources, or more guests than us.

1) The Vancouver Aquarium. This was a natural choice to explore, because we are members and absolutely LOVE visiting the aquarium! We had this amazing vision of saying our vows in front of the jellyfish tank, and then having our reception in and among the Pacific exhibits. Unfortunately, the price they quoted me was more than our entire budget!

2) Grouse Mountain. This was one of our most exciting prospects, until the site visit that wasn’t. This is still really embarassing for me, and upsets me a lot when I think back on it. This is a reasonably priced venue with a killer view, and would make a spectacular setting for a wedding and reception! Their event coordinator gave us fantastic service, and was very understanding when we cancelled the site visit at the last minute.

3) Bridges restaurant. This was one of the AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. HAHAHA. HAHA. HAH. Hahhhhhh. places.The minimum was once again more than our entire budget, quite significantly. Their food is unbelievable, though, and the location is very Vancouver – right on Granville Island, with a great view of False Creek.

4) The Law Courts Inn. We didn’t bother with a site visit here, because their minimum guest requirement is 125, and we’re planning on only 75 guests. That said, it’s got a huge reception room, great view, and a lovely patio.

These are just a few of my favourites that we didn’t book. The true list is much lengthier – I think at one point, my Google Docs spreadsheet had 50 venues on it!


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