How we chose our venue, part 1


We started off thinking that our requirements for a venue were pretty simple – no churches, good food (or the ability to bring in a caterer), no minimum or a low minimum, a nice view or location. Preferably in Vancouver, North Van, Burnaby, or Richmond – in other words, our city and the three closest suburbs.

Basically we wanted something that wouldn’t break the bank, would offer our guests a great meal, and would showcase the town we’ve chosen to make our home.

We learned fairly quickly that our requirements weren’t going to be as easy to nail down as we wanted, so we had to prioritize. Adam’s priority was great food (more on that later!), mine was a reasonable cost, and my parents wanted something in town, not the ‘burbs.

With that in mind, I started searching for potential venues. I’m not going to lie – it was a long, slow, incredibly frustrating process. Almost every time I thought I had found a winner, something came up to make it a total bust.

Here’s how I hunted for venues:

  1. Google. My google-fu is strong, and I found some great leads by searching for various combinations of Vancouver, wedding, location, venue, reception, ceremony, event, rental, etc. This takes a TON of patience, and was an excellent time-waster, too!
  2. Word-of-mouth. I asked anyone and everyone I knew about weddings they were in or had been to in the Vancouver area.
  3. Wedding discussion boards. I posted on WeddingBee and WeddingBells, and read every single Canadian forum I could find.
  4. Catering websites. Many caterers have lists of “preferred” venues, and if they’re good enough for the caterers, they might just be good enough for us!

These things all guided me towards some great possibilities, and my random Google wanderings eventually did lead me to our venue, to my significant relief!


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