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I got confirmation from the coordinator at our ceremony site today, so I can finally reveal where we’ll be saying our vows! After we booked the Sequoia Grill, we were hoping to have our ceremony there too. There is a great public greenspace right outside the restaurant, but the City won’t allow tents or chairs […]

So after outlining our criteria for a venue, and knocking out some great venues because of our budget, we ended up with 3 fantastic venue options. The first venue we visited was the Uber Lounge at Steamworks Brewing Company in the Gastown area of downtown Vancouver. The Uber Lounge is a swanky private room off […]

I often hear that brides don’t eat at their weddings out of nerves or lack of time, or both. I want to go on record saying that I refuse to skip the meal or the cake at our wedding! It’s all going to be much too good to miss out on! One of the vendors […]

That about sums up the Wedding Fair experience! Wedding Fair is an annual event in January, held at the Vancouver Exhibition and Convention Centre. It is probably THE bridal fair of the year, and it is a total sensory overload. The exhibitors cover everything you could ever possibly want for a wedding, and everything you’d […]

Over the long course of our venue hunt, we had a lot of letdowns. Luckily, they were balanced by a few venues that were so ludicrously out of our budget range, that I couldn’t help but laugh. Each of these would be a fantastic venue for someone else – either someone with more money, more […]

We started off thinking that our requirements for a venue were pretty simple – no churches, good food (or the ability to bring in a caterer), no minimum or a low minimum, a nice view or location. Preferably in Vancouver, North Van, Burnaby, or Richmond – in other words, our city and the three closest […]