Leaving on a jetplane


When we started thinking about our honeymoon, we knew we didn’t want to just be lazy somewhere, and we knew we would be on a budget. We were having a hard time thinking of places to go until we heard about the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

We are huge aquarium nerds. We’re members at the Vancouver Aquarium, and we go at least every 6 weeks. Suddenly, we had the beginning of a trip! We started looking into going to Monterey, and what else we could see and do while we were there.

We realised pretty quickly that Monterey is a short drive from San Francisco, a city we’ve both wanted to go to for ages. Even better, it’s also not far from San Jose, home of Adam’s favourite hockey team, and Big Sur, one of the places on my “see before I die” list.

This week, we lucked out when I was rea

From October 12-18th, we’ll be in California for our honeymoon!


One Response to “Leaving on a jetplane”

  1. 1 Laura

    Oooo! This place sounds so memorable for the both of you. I love this idea, especially since you’ll be able to get such cheap tickets too! 😀

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