Pretty dresses!


Yesterday my mum came over to Vancouver so we could go check out Bryan’s Bride’s annual Boxing Day Blow-out. It was more like a Boxing Day Fizzle, but we made a ton of progress all the same! The sale ended up being only a few racks of mostly sizes 4, 8, and 12 sample dresses for $199. In a store that boasts over 1000 dresses with samples from size 4-26W in stock, it was a little disappointing.

The first big piece of progress was that seeing myself in bridal gowns again reminded me that I have got to get crackin’ on Operation Quality of Life 2009 and get my booty to the gym. Regardless of weight loss, I want to show off some awesome guns in October!

But the second, bigger, better piece of progress was that I think I’ve narrowed down my options to TWO dresses! I need to do some more thinking, plus get my brother to send me the pictures he sneakily took.

**Adam, if you’re reading, STOP NOW!!!**

Here are my top two contenders:

Casablanca 1831

Casablanca 1831

Private Label by G Signature Plus #3337

Private Label by G Signature Plus #3337

What do you think about these two dresses? I would have sleeves added to the 3337, and a modesty panel inserted to cover up some cleavage on the 1831, so keep that in mind.


5 Responses to “Pretty dresses!”

  1. 1 mims

    Oh, I love the first dress and also tried it on at Bryans awhile back~wondered if it could be cut off to tea length to make a fab ’50’s style dress…

  2. 2 Kate

    Hi Mare!

    I really like the first one.

    In general, a v-neck creates a way more flattering shape on almost any body type, and especially if you have big boobs! I also like the kind of hollywood glamour look of the first one a lot, and I think you could do some lovely hair/makeup to compliment it.

    (Also, I would say that more than 70% of the dresses my mum has made in the last year have been strapless so I am totally bored of them…)



  3. 3 Marianne

    Mims – neat idea about hemming the 1831 to tea length. I bet that would be super cute!

    Kate – The v-neck is more flattering, I agree. It’s HARD to find dresses with straps, but I felt more secure in the strapless than i would have expected.

  4. 4 Laura

    Oooo! Both of those dresses looked great on you in your photos! If I had to choose, I would say the forst one also. I agree that the V-neck is VERY flattering and oh-so pretty!!! 😀

  5. 5 Marianne

    Yay, thanks for the input, Laura!

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