A little colour inspiration


We want our reception to be cosy and comfortable, warm and clear. Right now, I’m leaning towards deep blues, steely grays, and a little hint of rich purples for the things that will involve colour. I’m not really invested in “colours” in the blush-and-bashful sense, but I do have a vision, a feeling of how I’d like things to be. I think these colours, when paired with a gazillion candles and luminaries, will help me get to that feeling in the beautiful rooms we’ve booked at Sequoia.

Here are some pictures ‘ve favourited on Flickr:

I love the play of dark and light together – there’s a certain dramatic, comfortable feeling that comes from the contrast of colours.

If you have colours for your wedding, how did you choose them?


4 Responses to “A little colour inspiration”

  1. This is fantastic. What a moody yet still hauntingly beautiful color scheme. This will work fabulous. Thanks for sharing with us. Always fun to read your posts.


  2. 2 Marianne

    Thanks for the comment, Anne! I love the drama of this colour scheme, and with the unpredictable weather here in October, it seems extra-suitable!

  3. Ooh, you should work up an inspiration board in eggplant and midnight blue.

  4. 4 Laura

    I love your ideas! It is going to look so gorgeous, I just know it!

    Also, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this yet or not, but even though I’m far away, if there’s anything I can do to help LET ME KNOW. šŸ˜€

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