Maybe, just maybe…


Things have been quiet on the blog for the last week or two, because I’ve been busy wrapping things up at my job of almost 2 years, and starting at my new job. It’s been a huge shift, but I’m loving it! My new job is hard and exhausting and awesome! Not to mention the nice little raise that will sure come in handy during wedding planning.

When last I wrote about wedding plans, I was excited about going to check out another venue possibility. We were a little unsure about it, because it’s in a hotel, which was originally on our “NO” list.

Turns out we loved it! While I want to do a little more research and my parents want to come check it out, we might have a winner! Just in case, I want to keep the location under wraps a little longer, but here are some of the positives about it:

  • variety of yummy, yummy menu options
  • in a neat part of town that is very “Vancouver”
  • cosy without being cramped
  • beautiful bar built into the room (think dark wood, brass, mirrors – stunning!)
  • good room rate for hotel rooms
  • table shape options
  • reasonable bar costs
  • reasonable minimum food & beverage spend
  • friendly, organized coordinator
  • well-dressed, polite staff

It’s definitely not perfect, but I think I could let go of the missing pieces (view, separate room for dancing) without too much concern. Mostly, it feels great to have options, because we were both feeling a little discouraged before this visit.

For now, I’ll keep researching, and keep my fingers crossed that we’ll pick a venue and book it by mid-November. If any of you have any great Vancouver options, let me know!


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