Taking a Peek


On Monday after work, we’ll be rushing across town to visit another venue. We’re looking at this venue at my parents’ request, and I think it has great potential. At first, I wanted to be true to my stubborn nature (I am a Taurus born in the year of the Ox, after all) and not consider this location, but after listening to my mum’s reasoning and receiving the booking information from the venue coordinator, I’m totally open to it!

Part of my reluctance comes from this location being in a hotel. From the beginning I had three big no-nos for our venues – no golf courses, no hotels, no churches. I still don’t want a golf course (too popular, and we aren’t golfers), and out of respect for Adam’s beliefs, churches are out. The idea of having our wedding at a hotel isn’t awful, but those big hotel ballrooms remind me too much of graduation and prom, and that’s not the memories I want to be thinking of on our wedding day!

The room we’re going to view isn’t a ballroom, thankfully. It’s another lounge, attached to the hotel’s restaurant. I’ve never been there, so my only memory of this particular place is getting drunk-dialled by one of my best friends when she had been drinking in the hotel bar with her former co-workers. It’s my mum’s favourite hotel in Vancouver, though, and it’s in a part of town that we both really enjoy, so I’m remaining open-minded.

Plus, there isn’t any risk of a panic attack at this location, which means it’s already off to a great start! 😉


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