Dress Shopping #3: Third Time’s the Charm


In early June, just after we became engaged, I started my dress shopping with a trip to two stores in my hometown. At the end of July, I did some window shopping online, and found a few dresses I liked. Both experiences were a little frustrating – the first, because of the sample sizes not agreeing with my size, and the second because of the price tags on the dresses I was enjoying.

At the end of August, it all changed! My mum came over from Victoria, and we went to two of the more plus-size friendly bridal stores in Burnaby.

We started off at Bryan’s Bride in Brentwood Town Centre, and we were accompanied by one of my good friends. The store got off to a VERY bad start – we had an appointment for 2pm, and we didn’t get started until 2:30pm, around when we were thinking of leaving. I was really unimpressed with the delay, but the woman helping us, Fairen, was great. She pulled some really nice dresses for me, and had great input about what looked good, what could be altered, and what wasn’t working. I tried on 5 or 6 dresses, and attempted to try on 2-3 others that were too small. Bryan’s had up to about a size 20, maybe a size 22, but the selection in the higher sizes was pretty limited. There were a couple of great dresses, but nothing that really stood out to me. There is one dress that I may go back to try on, because they are waiting to receive a bigger sample size, but I don’t know.

After Bryan’s, my friend had to leave, but my mum and I continued over to Tiffany Plus at Hastings and Boundary. Tiffany has 2 stores, a regular bridal store and one catering to plus-sizes. We didn’t go to Tiffany, but walked into Tiffany Plus with no appointment and were immediately helped. It was such a treat to be able to try on dresses that actually FIT me, and to know that anything I grabbed off the racks would fit or be too big. It made it feel more like a “real” experience than other shops, because I wasn’t stressing about my body. Tiffany had my top two dresses so far – they were both beautiful, and really made me feel like myself, but bridal!

Neither store allows pictures unless you’re buying the dress, which was frustrating, but both stores either had labels in the dresses or were willing to tell me the designer. The prices at Tiffany Plus were significantly lower than Bryan’s, even for the same dress. In the next week or two, I should hear from both stores about some samples they were waiting to get in, and hopefully when I go back, I can either sneak some pictures or post some links!


3 Responses to “Dress Shopping #3: Third Time’s the Charm”

  1. 1 bex

    I want to see these awesome dresses!!!

  2. 2 Marianne

    Soon, bexy, soon!

  1. 1 Catering

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