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Taking a Peek


On Monday after work, we’ll be rushing across town to visit another venue. We’re looking at this venue at my parents’ request, and I think it has great potential. At first, I wanted to be true to my stubborn nature (I am a Taurus born in the year of the Ox, after all) and not […]

In early June, just after we became engaged, I started my dress shopping with a trip to two stores in my hometown. At the end of July, I did some window shopping online, and found a few dresses I liked. Both experiences were a little frustrating – the first, because of the sample sizes not […]

Like most couples, we’re functioning on a budget. We decided early on that, while we want to throw a great party for our loved ones, we have no desire to spend beyond our means. We’re grateful (so grateful!) for the financial assistance of my parents, but we also don’t want to abuse that help. I’m […]

After our site visit that wasn’t in August, I was feeling really discouraged about finding the perfect venue for our wedding. Our first two venue choices had been taken out of the running early on because they were far beyond our budget. I had accepted that, and moved on, but I think I missed out […]