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A few weeks ago, I wrote that I was excitedly looking forward to a site visit at a potential ceremony/reception venue. My excitement remained until we arrived at the venue, parked, picked up our tickets and parking pass from the cheerful receptionist in the sales office, and went on our way. Then things went terribly […]

Can I…?


Even before we were engaged, I read a lot of wedding blogs. I liked all the beautiful pictures, the love stories, the craftiness. I still love all those things, but now I also love bookmarking things that might belong at our wedding! But since I started reading my first wedding blog, there’s something that’s been […]

We’re going to look at a potential venue this coming Sunday! I’m so excited, but trying not to get carried away, in case it isn’t “the one” for us. I’m optimistic, though, and have a good gut feeling. Yahooo!