Favours with flavour


We may not have a date, a venue or anything else, but we sure have a favour idea!

The short version of how Adam and I met is that it was at a house party when I was in Grade 12. We didn’t know very many other people at this party, and ended up spending the night in the kitchen with some of my friends, talking away. All night, Adam was munching on a bag of jelly beans, and was politely forcing them on offering them to me.

Tonight, we were watching Ace of Cakes, and I had a flashback to the night we met, and the endless jelly beans. We did some Googling, and the prices seem reasonable for us to make up tins of Jelly Bellys for our favours. The best favours are edible and not too large or cumbersome for traveling guests to pack. While jelly beans may not be the most unique, I like that they actually tie into the beginning of our ‘story’ in such a happy way.

In a happy twist of fate, when I was Googling to get an idea of what little tins might cost, a Vancouver Craigslist post showed up in the results. Someone is offering 80 tins for $32, or $0.40 each! The ad was 3 weeks old, unfortunately, so they may have sold them already. I’m waiting ever so impatiently to hear back, but I’m excited that we might have the beginnings of a project!


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