I just want to write a little PSA today for all the brides and bridesmaids out there.

I know that it’s exciting to find your dress(es), and that you want to share your excitement and photos with the world. From the day you find the dress through all your fittings and the day of the wedding, you’re snapping pictures and throwing them on the internet. I think it’s great that there is this little bridal net community, and that everyone is so willing to share ideas and plans. Something’s been bugging me though…

Ladies, stand up straight!

Holy heck! I am the first to admit that my posture needs some work. I slouch at my computer, on the couch, etc. But when I’m somewhere that I know I’m going to be photographed or that I’m going to be making first impressions? I stand the hell up.

I keep seeing all these beautiful women in their wedding or bridesmaid dresses, and they’re hunched over. It makes your back round out, your boobs droop, your tummy pooch out, and your dress hang funny.

Stop it.

Now, I’m going to stop it because I sound like everybody’s mother!


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