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We may not have a date, a venue or anything else, but we sure have a favour idea! The short version of how Adam and I met is that it was at a house party when I was in Grade 12. We didn’t know very many other people at this party, and ended up spending […]

I came home from work a little earlier than usual today, and caught an episode of Rich Bride, Poor Bride. I’ve seen this show before, but never a whole episode. The short version of my feelings about this show? What. The. Heck. The show follows a couple through their wedding planning, focusing on their budgetting […]

I’m calling this dress shopping #2(ish) because I haven’t set foot in a bridal store since my first experience with my mum. What I have been doing is looking around online and bookmarking like crazy. If you’re like me, you’re all about the pictures, so this post will be far more interesting than my first […]



I just want to write a little PSA today for all the brides and bridesmaids out there. I know that it’s exciting to find your dress(es), and that you want to share your excitement and photos with the world. From the day you find the dress through all your fittings and the day of the […]

I read Wedding Bee a little obsessively, and right now they are running a contest with Polyvore and Minted. I’m still definitely in research-mode, rather than planning-mode, but part of my research is for budget-friendly inspirations. Since the prize for this contest is money off at Minted, that is definitely budget-friendly! I used to play […]