Location, location, location


I think this will be one of the hardest decisions for us to make about our wedding – where in the world to have it!

When we got engaged, we had been talking about going away and having a small destination wedding. We were both totally in love with the Rockhouse in Negril, Jamaica, but it’s just too expensive for us. Neither of us wants to get married in Mexico or Cuba or at a resort like Sandals, Beaches or Riu, which knocks out a lot of the cheaper options. They’re common because they’re cheap, and they’re cheap because they’re a biiig business for those resorts. We’re still keeping a destination wedding on the list of options, but I think it’s seeming less and less likely. The places we like are either too expensive or seem risky to deal with from a distance (passive aggressive emails, etc.), and I’m getting discouraged!

All this got me thinking back to a local wedding or a semi-DW elsewhere in BC. I’ve started contacting a few places here in Vancouver, and I’m bookmarking options in Vancouver, Victoria (my hometown) and the Gulf Islands like a madwoman. The options are overwhelming me, with the hundreds of possible locations in the southwest of BC. We don’t want a golf course, which does remove a lot of popular spots, but we’ve not narrowed it down much past that.

Any great ideas, internets?


7 Responses to “Location, location, location”

  1. 1 Erica

    Just found your blog. Have you considered Poet’s Cove on South Pender Island? I’ve seen a few gorgeous weddings there…

  2. 2 Marianne

    Thanks for the suggestions Erica! I’ve looked at other Gulf Island resorts, but not Poet’s Cove. I’ll take a look!

  3. 3 Anne

    Check out Rowena’s Inn on the River in Harrison Mills. We’re getting married there in September.

  4. 4 echo

    Hey Marianne, just popped over from weddingbee and found this post. Not sure if you’ve found a location yet, but have you checked out Overbury Farm Resort on Thetis Island? They have a gorgeous pavillion for weddings, and a large lawn as well. They are right on the water, so the view is awesome. The only reason we didn’t go with them is because most of our guests will be flying in from back east – so tough for them to get there without cars, and some of the accomodations were a bit rustic, but it’s definitely worth looking into!!

  5. 5 Marianne

    Anne – thanks, I’ll look into it! Congrats on your upcoming wedding!

    Echo – I’ve never heard of Overbury! Sounds neat, but like you, many of our guests are coming from out of town, so it might be a challenge.

  6. 6 Nadine

    I would have loved to get married on one of the Gulf Islands, but I fear we would have lost some of our California guests if we’d made them take any extra travel steps. I can’t wait to see what you pick!

  7. 7 Marianne

    Hi Nadine! That extra travel is a hard thing to ask, isn’t it?

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