In my home life, I’m trying to declutter our apartment a little. I’m a bit of a packrat, and I’m trying to reel that tendency in significantly. This doesn’t go so well with wedding planning, I’m learning.

We’ve been engaged for less than two weeks, and somehow I already have 4 wedding magazines – InStyle Weddings, Modern Bride, WeddingBells, and Martha Stewart Weddings Collector’s Edition – on my coffee table.

To be fair, WeddingBells was given to me for free when my mum and I went to look at dresses on the weekend, but I’m worried about the clutter and cost that wedding magazines might suck up over the next year or more. The cons to the magazines is that they’re only marginally useful – a few good ideas here, some beautiful dresses there – and that they are a lot of expensive advertising and a few articles. The pros are all the inspiration – the beautiful photography and staging, the peeks into other people’s lives and weddings.

Any tips from the internets about how to reduce my urge to buy these magazines?


4 Responses to “Magazines”

  1. lol… I have not tips on how to curb the urge to buy magazines… because I have ALL of them! My FI bought me 15 magazines and gave them to me right after he proposed. I’ve since bought 3 more to round out my collection… 🙂

    But if you are buying the magazines to look at dresses, most of the magazines have the same ads.

    SB 🙂

  2. keep reading all of the amazing blogs out there – you won’t need the magazines anymore!

  3. 3 Marianne

    Strawberry – I’ve definitely noticed that about the dress ads. I’ve started reading the mags, ripping out the stuff I love, and putting it in a binder. Inspiration stays, clutter goes!

    Ami – I definitely also have a Google Reader cluttered with wedding blogs, including yours!

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