Our invitations have begun their journey to our guests! I dropped them in the mailbox on my way to work this morning.

Now I will nervously cross my fingers until I start receiving RSVPs!

Pictures coming next week once most people have begun to receive them.




Here’s what’s checked off the to-do list:

  • Ceremony venue
  • Reception venue
  • Officiant
  • Photographers
  • Hotel blocks
  • Dress
  • Cake
  • Florist
  • Registry
  • Invitations – made ourselves!
  • Rings
  • Hair
  • Place to get ready

Here’s what needs to be finalized:

  • Adam’s attire
  • Menu, especially hors d’oeurves and bar options
  • Music
  • Makeup
  • My accessories and undergarments
  • Centrepieces
  • Honeymoon plans
  • Favours

And here’s what we haven’t started or have barely started:

  • Transportation
  • Rehearsal dinner
  • Seating plans
  • Gifts for bridal party and parents
  • Readings/ceremony/vows
  • Readers
  • Guest book
  • Marriage license
  • Day-of Coordinator or Helper Extraordinaire

I am sure there are tons of things missing from my list, but we will deal with them as they come up.

That’s right, I can’t believe it, but we’re down to 100 days to go!

Huge update coming soon!

In the middle


We have been going back and forth on centrepieces for months. We know that we want lots of candles everywhere, and few-to-no flowers, but other than that, we have had a really hard time making a decision. We’ve been to IKEA and played around with some ideas, but until this weekend, we just couldn’t get it quite right.

Then my mum had an idea, and tested it out while I was home for a visit this weekend.

Jellybeans actually have a role in the story of how Adam and I met, so it’s very “us” while adding a touch of whimsy. They’ll be on plain white table cloths, so the colour should really pop. We’re still debating whether we should use mixed jellybeans as my mum did here, or whether we should get a mix of purple, blue and white ones, to better fit our “colours.”

What do you think?


Bryan’s Bride just called to tell me that my dress is in! They had originally estimated it would arrive in mid-July, so this was a fantastic May Day surprise!

I’m not going to start alterations until August, I think, because I’m losing weight and don’t want to have to go for too many fittings. I might have to go visit it soon just for fun, though!

Good thoughts


Jessica at the Budget Savvy Bride has been one of my favourite wedding bloggers since I first discovered the bridal blogging niche.

Her neighbourhood was hit by a tornado on Friday. She and her family are thankfully safe, but the devastation in their town is quite extensive.

Please keep Jess, her family and her neighbourhood in your prayers/thoughts as they recover from this scary experience!

Our Top Two


Before we were even engaged, we each knew what our most important item was on our wedding day, other than family, friends and our vows.

For Adam, it’s all about good food. For me, it’s all about good photography. In each case, our most important thing has a family tie, as well as being a favourite thing outside of wedding-world.

Adam’s father is a chef – a really good chef. He’s cooked for a variety of amazing events and important people, but he’s also incredibly humble and appreciates a well-prepared, simple meal more than anyone else I know. He passed on an appreciation of good ingredients, strong technique, and careful preparation to Adam, and as a result, Adam does 90% of the cooking in our house. It also meant that not only does Adam want to eat a good meal at our wedding, he wants to be sure to share a good meal with our loved ones.

My paternal grandfather is one of the best people I’ve ever known. He was a doctor and coroner, and through his work as coroner, he developed a love for photography. Although he had many photos of crime scenes, his favourite and best work was always happier subjects, especially my nana’s garden. After he passed away in 1999, my family spent hours going through his thousands of negatives and slides, sorting out what should be kept. My dad and I packed up a big box of Granddad’s camera equipment and brought it home with us. I now own a mid1970s Minolta SLR with a slightly funny lens focus, and I feel my Granddad with me everytime I use it. Granddad instilled a real love of photography in me, so having a good photographer at our wedding isn’t just about capturing happy memories, it’s also about honouring my granddad.